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The Website Restrictions

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Any Changes or Edits

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The Company Name

GiftsBestBuy.com is a registered trademark and all logos and symbols on this website are owned by GiftsBestBuy.com.

The Privacy of our Customers

We take the privacy of our customers seriously. To review our Privacy Policy, please click on our link for our current Privacy Policy.

Any Communications from our Customers

Communications received from our customers that include know-how, techniques, ideas, and/or concepts may be used to develop our own products and services and will be considered non-proprietary and non-confidential. This is because our customers are our focus and your input makes us a better company. This information does not include any personal information that may be included in the communications. Please click on our link for our current Privacy Policy to see when and what personal information we collect.

The Warranty Disclaimer

This website is an “as is” release, with faults, and gives no warranties, implied or expressed. All users assume responsibility and risk for the use of this website and all related materials and downloads.

The Limitation of Liability

GiftsBestBuy.com is neither responsible nor liable for any damages whatsoever from your use of the website.

The Options for Dissatisfaction

If you are dissatisfied with use of the site, your only option is to desist from using the website.

The Choice of Law; Arbitration

All disputes or issues in relation to these Terms and Conditions or this website will be handled and resolved by binding arbitration. When applicable, the binding arbitration will be subject to the Commercial Arbitration Rules. Arbitrator will be chosen either by court of law or by mutual agreement.

The Complete Agreement

These Terms and Conditions are the complete agreement between you and GiftsBestBuye.com. This agreement may be superseded by other legal agreements between you and GiftsBestBuy.com. We also reserve the right to edit and/or change these Terms and Conditions as needed. It is your responsibility to read and review these Terms and Conditions on occasion.